Bevlove 'Carried Away' (visual)


I was talking with Bevlove about her new projects over coffee a few months back. I was on my way out to Los Angeles and suggested we film a video for her out there. She wanted to make a visual for her new track 'Carried Away' before I left. We had worked together in the past when I was with The Right Borthers on videos for Do What I Say & Freaks. Bev's vision for 'Carried Away' was to have her and two or three friends all over town raising hell and having a wild night. As I remember some sort of bank robbery was discussed. I loved all the ideas but my mind was in LA at that point so starting a new project in Detroit seemed impossible. So I said I would think about it.

After a few days I was listening to Carried Away and thinking of what it would look like and how we could make something different. I had just left The Right Brothers and launched The Committee and wanted to explore different film making styles and techniques. I thought "Who films Bev more than Bev? She knows all the angles." We met up later that day and I pitched the idea of her filming her own video with a mix of cell phone and cinema footage. The view of how a lot of her fans see her and how a lot of us stay up to date on each others lives, through Instagram. She was into the idea and also down to produce the video.

We created a storyline and she set everything up. When her father Levi brought his El Camino out I knew we were on to something. Aurelie McCarus joined on as the co-star and also another DP. It was a really fun shoot with Bev's whole family joining the set at some point. It reminded me why I love making films, because it's a collaborative effort. After I returned from traveling we both thought the video needed some sort of climax. So Bev invited some friends up to Sanfords beautiful downtown loft for a few more shots.

Bevlove is on top of her game. Working with her and seeing her progress as an artist is very inspirational and a beautiful experience. 


Created & Produced by

Bevlove & The Committee


Directed by

Bevlove & Andrew Miller


Director(s) of Photography

Bevlove, Andrew Miller, Aurelie McCarus, Mar Mnz


CAMERA Assistant

H.E. Fahoome


Edited by

Andrew Miller


Independently Made in Detroit, MI