Jenny & Jackie - MurdeRers


Jen and I were driving back after going to a show downtown. My car had been making a weird noise for a few days so we took the back way down St. Aubin heading to Hamtramck. It was very late which made it even less likely to see any other cars on the road. We we’re about to pass under I-94 when we saw a huge cloud of smoke being swept across the road. It was a land cloud and it kept coming. Turns out it was two separate sidewalk steam vents that were within feet of each other, and they were pouring out. It was late Fall 2018 and we had just had a little cold snap so it was very cold outside. But I had taken this drive many times and had never seen anything like this before.

I had my photo camera with me and we took a few stills using my headlights for lighting. I also filmed a little video.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.28.42 PM.png

A few days later I sent the slow motion video over to Jen because it was really funny when we laughed, and it will ALWAYS be hilarious when someone laughs in slow motion. The voice drops to a deep low tone and it sounds like giants having a great time.

Jen sent me back the same video with her track Murderers underneath it, she was very excited and wanted to film her video for ‘Murderers’ at the steam spot. We had been discussing ideas about a video for ‘Murderers’ but hadn’t landed on anything concrete yet.

I really liked how the steam moved when captured in slow motion and wanted the same effect in the video. In order for Jen to be able to sing while filmed in slow motion the track would have to be played sped up to 250%. Murderers is a slower tempo so I knew it could be done. It was the same tactic used in the chorus for ‘Kids Get Away’.

2 days later I sent the sped up track to Jen to practice singing much faster than usual. Later that night I met Jen & Jeffrey at the steam location right next to I-94 and the now closed Incinerator Plant and we were full steam ahead.