The Committee Presents


A collection of collaborations independently filmed in Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami & Bogotá.

Jenn Champion "OMG (I'm All Over It)"

All projects directed, shot & edited by

I haven’t made one of these in a few years. After experiencing the worst year of my life in 2017 where I lost both of my brothers, there was a long period where I wasn’t sure if I could continue doing creative things. My world had taken a very dark turn and I had to focus on just getting up in the morning. After some time, I wasn’t getting any better. So I started to reach out to artists & friends I admire and let them know I needed to collaborate and start making things again. This is the collection of what we did last year.

2017 was the worst year of my life, these people made 2018 one of the greatest. Everyone in this video helped save my life.

Projects in order of appearance:


'Flex' Collaboration with SKNDLSS

James Linck 'Sunset Barbie Pink' video

Bevlove 'Carried Away' video

The Brightly Twisted Story

Tunde Olaniran 'I'm Here' video

Flamingo Colloboration with Michelle Tanguay

California Dreamy