Tunde Olaniran 'I'm Here'

The first day I arrived in Los Angeles I walked to a coffee shop and started working on this video. It’s finally out! Co-Directed by Tunde Olaniran and myself, it was a pleasure to help bring Tunde’s vision to life. Working with brilliant people is something I could get use to. The independently created video features a very talented group of dancers performing in an Ellen Rutt 3D world. Follow up question, huh? #tundeolaniran #ellenrutt #wethecommittee

"I'm Here" written by: Tunde Olaniran, Kaleb Waterman, Seth Anderson

Directors: Andrew Miller and Tunde Olaniran

Director of Photography: Andrew Miller

Lighting Director: Jamin Townsley

Creative Direction: Ellen Rutt

Costume Design: Tunde Olaniran

Costume Atelier: Karen Vickers, Tailoring by Blackwell Hair and Makeup: Candice Davis, Roots and Resolutions Beauty

Dancers: Emma Davis, Cientell Morris, Aurora Lewis, Zariah Fowler, Yaya Coleman

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